"Parvaneh" in Persian means Butterfly


92/02/15- 2014/05/05

رسيدن به كمپ دو در بارش سنگین برف و مه و ادامه برف تا پس فردا
بازگشت کوهنوردان شیلی، مشترک آمریکا انگلیس و کره به کمپ اصلی
استقرار طناب ثابت تا ارتفاع ٧٣٠٠ متر
ارتفاع زیاد برف در ارتفاعات بالاتر
نامشخص بودن ادامه صعود

To reach Camp Two in snow foggy weather and snow continues until the day after tomorrow.
Return climbers Chile, America, Britain and Korean  to base camp.
Set up  fixed rope to a height of 7300 meters.
High height snow in the higher elevations.
Uncertainty continues to climb.

AUTHOR: Parvaneh Kazemi

Born: Sep 1970, Tehran, Iran. Academic Degree: BS in Mathematics. Occupation: Mathematics Teacher. Hobby: Mountaineering, Mountain Guiding, Photography, Art, Literature.

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  • Bereghel

    Dear Parvaneh
    you are strong and brave but be prudent in your choices,
    hoping the weather will be grateful. My best good luck, take care

    May 5, 2014

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